New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie appeared in Birmingham Wednesday, to support Gov. Robert Bentley's reelection bid.  Bentley offered praise for Christie, a potential 2016 GOP presidential contender. "I don't know what his decision will be yet (on running for president) but he certainly has the attributes, and ... the charisma."  Christie, for his part, sought to dispel the notion that he his views are out of step with Alabama Republicans. "Folks believe when you're a Republican from New Jersey that somehow you're not going to be conservative," Christie said. "I think that's the biggest thing that folks in Alabama, as they get to know me better, will understand.  That I'm the first pro-life governor (of New Jersey) to be elected since Roe vs. Wade." Christie, who is leading the Republican Party's efforts to elect governors, attended a pair of campaign fundraisers with Bentley at The Club.